5 Tricks to Optimize PPC AdWords Campaign

Google Adwords lately has become a necessary evil for companies of all sizes. Perhaps, it is one of the most effective tools to promote products or services to millions of internet users across the globe. With increasing internet penetration and booming e-commerce, managers (read young management graduates) find Google Adwords to be a quick-fix solution to secure top slot for various searched keywords.


I was recently approached by a client who has was happily spending $45,000 a month and considering him to be a master of Google Adwords. Within 2 months of signing with a professional CPA was reduced by $15 and conversations increased by almost 50%.

Though with few clicks and $5 (threshold amount required to set-up an Adwords account), one can very easily create a campaign but many a times the campaign proves to be a failure. Apart from bid management & keyword addition/deletion, these tricks would convert a dog into a cow (referring to BCG Matrix):

Campaign Structure

Like any other marketing campaign, Adwords campaign should have a well-defined structure with predefined objectives (Branding Vs Skimming). It’s tough but worth contemplating if it should be Product Category followed by Product line Vs Brand followed by Product Categories. Let’s take an example of an advertiser who wants to sell soaps though Google Adwords:

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