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PHP 5 Security Techniques

Most beginning programmers fail to understand the truth about security: there is no such thing as “secure” or “insecure.” The wise programmer knows that the real question is how secure a site is. The focus in this sample chapter is therefore how to make your applications more secure.

Hiding H1 Text for Logo

I first noticed this technique being implemented on the old Digg layout. You can setup an H1 tag which also has your website’s name in plaintext for SEO purposes. But using CSS we can move this text so it isn’t visible, and replace it with a custom logo image.

Individual Rounded Corners

Most developers are familiar with the CSS3 rounded corners syntax. But how would you go about setting different values for each of the corners? Save this code snippet and you should never run into the problem again! I’ve included both a condensed version and a longer base with each corner radius broken down into a different property.