What is WordPress? “WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.” WordPress is an easy and powerful system for setting up and maintaining a web log or blog. It is one of the most popular blogging software as it focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.

Use wordpress as CMS (for Blogs & Full Sites)

WordPress is also much more than a simple blogging platform, it makes a powerful but simple CMS. The solution is ideal for small publishers, individual consultant or small business.

WordPress Powered Website advantages

  • Tag clouds — provide keyword-rich text link navigation, which link to…
  • Tag pages — contain excerpts of posts/pages that are related (they have the same tag in common)
  • RSS feeds — help with link building and garner you visibility in the feed/blog search engines like Feedster and Google Blog Search
  • Technorati tags — to improve search engine visibility on Technorati’s tag pages
  • Keyword-rich, search-engine-friendly URLs — that are spider-friendly and tend to be indexed and ranked better in search engines than the complex,dynamic-looking URLs that are typical of content management systems
  • Content-rich, search-friendly HTML — thanks to the presentation layer being cleanly separated from the content layer, along with semantic mark-up, which gives the search engines good clues as to what copy is important and what is not
  • Visitor participation — through comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks
  • Post-dating of content — to automatically “go live” on a scheduled date
  • Ease of maintenance — with no, or minimal, HTML skills required
  • Extensibility — through plugins, sidebar widgets, and direct hacks to the open source PHP codebase.
  • Easy events handling — like speaking engagements, news releases etc.
  • Free support — from the very responsive developer and user communities

Corporate and Professional WordPress Blogging Templates (Themes or Skins)

Is the content of your web site dynamic or published by a content management system? It is unlikely that search engines can index it all, generally for technical reasons. We will optimise your site, making all your products and services visible on search engines.

IPack Technologies WordPress templates are XHTML 1.0 standards-based pages, compliant and accessible, free of tables, relying exclusively on CSS for formatting.

Our consultants are experts in advising on this, and with their experience in optimising the sites of various clients; they are perfectly placed to advise you on methods and strategies that will ensure the success of your online business.

Why our clients love us

  • Vishal has proved to be very knowledgeable and a skilled WordPress professional and has excellent design skills. Good communication and adherence to deadlines.

    Richard Jones - Pixy Asia Co. Ltd

    - CTO - Pixy Asia Co. Ltd
  • Just a quick note of thanks from George McNeill and myself for the creativity, hard word, and dedication you all showed on our website project. It is an attractive and functional website that truly reflects who we are and what we do. Your efforts are much appreciated. Thank you all again. Sincerely,

    Gord Peters - Express News

    - Director of Operations - Express News
  • We at Tulip Hill love our website! IPack Technologies has done a very professional, artistic and fashionable design for us. People have come into and store to comment on how professional it is and also congratulated us by email! I always know, whatever I asked of them, I get the best qualified answers and results. I would recommend this team to anyone

    Janice Ponce

    - Creative Head
  • Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I’ve been very happy with the prompt action we always receive regarding edits or changes to our new website.
    Your team is fantastic to work with, very approachable and always pleasant.”

    Sherri Abu-Ulba

    - Marketing Director
  • “I have had the chance to view the web page over the last several days and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the “look and feel” of the site. A job well done and an excellent effort! Thanks again..”

    Peter Townsley

    - President
  • “I wanted to send a short note to thank you and your staff for all the work and expertise that went into the development and launch of our website. The whole planning and building process went smoothly with the help of your professional staff, and the finished product turned out far better than I imagined.”

    Shawn Hancheroff

    - Owner
  • As my business was expanding so rapidly I needed to overhaul my branding, in particular my website. I wanted to outsource this task but was hesitant who to trust to get the job done…

    Lisa Darveniza - Real Photo

    - Director - Real Photo